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The range is littered with would be tactical gloves that have failed to live up to a weekend of training. Blown seams, shredded palms, failed fingers all tell a sad tale of handwear woe. The WARTORN™ glove was designed to overcome these points of failure while adding additional functionality. The thumb valleys are reinforced with Combative Leather™ to defeat the aggressive checkering of modern polymer handguns. Reinforced fourchettes on the trigger and middle finger prevent premature gusset failure. Silicone printing on all fingers provide increased grip on slides, while the trigger finger and thumb are touchscreen compatible. A full sized polymer knuckle provides backhand coverage while segmented finger knuckles allow for increased flexibility. The integrated loop knuckle pads allow attachment of MORALPHABET™ letters, so you can sound off without ever saying a word.

Padded Mesh Chassis
Combative Leather™ Thumb/palm Reinforcements
Synthetic Suede Palm
Polymer Main Knuckle
Silicone Printed Traction Palm
Touchscreen Compatible Trigger Finger And Thumb
Backside Wrist Cinch Closure
Moralphabet™ Compatible Knuckle Pads